What you need to know

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Each therapy is different, but this is some general information.

Standards of ethics and confidentiality: are in accordance with those of United Kingdom Council on Psychotherapy (the main registration body for psychotherapists in the United Kingdom) who are my registering body. Their code of conduct on confidentiality and ethics governs these areas. Before coming to therapy you will receive more detailed written information of what this means in practice.

Sessions: these last 55 minutes and sessions are generally fortnightly or at whatever interval seems appropriate.

Initial sessions: these are an opportunity to see if you feel we could work together and if I feel I could be helpful to you. Most people agree an initial contract of 4-6 sessions and then review.

Venue: my therapy rooms are very near Haggerston Overground.

When: appointments are generally available on Friday mornings, late afternoon and early evening, with a few appointments available on other evenings.

Cost: £75 for individuals, £100 for couples and £120 for family appointments.