Individuals, couples, families



Systemic therapy is a kind of psychotherapy that concentrates on the place of relationships and patterns of relationship in our lives. It presupposes that we cannot understand individuals if we ignore the contexts and circumstances of their lives. 

It assumes that we and our 'significant others' (friends, family, lovers, colleagues) are mutually influential, that we are affected by the people who are close to us. As well as working with individuals, I work with couples (heterosexual, lesbian, gay men, bisexual, trans), families (biological families, chosen families, step or reconstituted families) or other relationship combinations.

You may want to think in therapy about the history and pattern of previous relationships - such as family - or about current relationships and the kind of relationship you would like to have with friends, family or partners. We can discuss if you want to come on your own, or with partners or family members - all these are options.