Why people come to therapy

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You may want to think about feelings or behaviours that cause you problems, or cause problems for people close to you. These can be natural feelings like anxiety, lack of self-esteem, depression, sadness or anger - feelings that can get out of balance in our lives. Or behaviours like eating, drinking, using drugs, sex, work or sleep, that you feel you are doing too much, or too little.

This happens not because we're unthinking, bad or have an addictive personality, but because it is human to use these things to manage difficulty. These 'coping mechanisms' may work in the short-term, but bring problems if we keep on doing them. It can be difficult for us to notice when these patterns become problematic.

And that's why psychotherapy can be helpful - it's very much easier to make changes with the support of someone who genuinely isn't judgemental about the patterns we've got into and who has experience of helping people consider making changes.