Why Psychotherapy?


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Psychotherapy can be helpful for any of us. It's an opportunity to take time to think about our choices, our relationships, our dilemmas, our history and our future.

Good psychotherapists don't just nod and smile, nor do they tell us what to do: they listen to what we say (and what we don't say) and then they help us think if there are changes that we want to make.

Therapy doesn't require us to lie on couches, or spend years of our life in therapy. It isn't just for when we're unhappy or confused - it can be a way to avoid becoming unhappy or confused.

It most certainly isn't just for people who don't cope well. Many of the people who come to psychotherapy cope very well, but have unreasonably high standards for themselves or others. This can put them in a situation of never being able to live up the standards they set.

My experience is as a Consultant Psychotherapist in the NHS, having worked in substance use, eating problems, adult psychotherapy, family therapy and adult mental health settings. My professional qualifications include an MSc. and a Doctorate in Psychotherapy.